The Forgetting Curse of AI: How Catastrophic Forgetting Affects Video Analytics and How to Overcome It

As AI-based video analytics continues to revolutionise industries, a hidden threat lurks in the shadows, compromising the accuracy and reliability of these systems. Catastrophic interference, also […]

Is Artificial Intuition a Fourth Generation AI?

Human intuition and thought processes are going to be far more common in machines as they have the potential to quickly outpace basic artificial intelligence. Since […]

IntelexVision joins NVIDIA Metropolis to Build Smarter Spaces

IntelexVision to spearhead the performance of its iSentry solution via the Metropolis platform

IntelexVision becomes Agility Grid value added partner to enhance CCTV camera monitoring and control room decision making

Agility Grid selects IntelexVision as partner to deliver iSentry solution to system integrators