Rail Transport

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Banking (Unusual Behaviour)

As guaranteed custodians of ready cash and valuables, banks continue to be high-stake targets for criminals. Regardless of the size of a bank branch, making sure that employees and clients can do business and transactions in a safe way is paramount.

Our background and experience in analysing busy crowded scenes enables iSentry to recognise suspicious or unusual behaviours and security breaches even in complex environments, without the need for human operators watching multiple cameras continuously.

Specific pain points

  • ATM fraud attempts

  • Unauthorised access to offices or vault

  • Bank robbery

  • Assaults

  • Potential terrorist threats

iSentry features

  • People counting

  • Unusual Behaviour of objects and or persons

  • Loitering detection

  • Trip and fall

  • Abandoned object detection

  • Smoke and fire detection

  • Loud sound detection

  • Restricted area intrusion

  • Direction violation

  • Cash presence

  • Passing objects detection

  • Intrusion attempts