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Seaports (Unusual Behaviour + TREX)

The maritime industry is critical for global trade, transporting billions of dollars worth of goods each year across the world. An attack against an important seaport can have long-lasting economic impact for a country and its trading partners. 

Seaports face multiple security and safety challenges; port employee jobs can be dangerous, involving the operation of large crane equipment and other heavy machinery, ports cover large geographical areas that include varied perimeters that cannot be secured in the same way as most perimeter security applications. For example, fences are not feasible on the waterside segment of a perimeter, lighting is often poor or unavailable and ports are often adjacent to public areas or neighbourhoods where pedestrian intruders can present both security and safety threats.

IntelexVision’s AI supported iSentry platform contributes to enhanced security and safety for seaports. Its wide area surveillance capability, combined with thermal image and PTZ analytics makes it ideal for a seaport environment. Learning and unusual behaviour detection capabilities can detect any suspicious movement in busy areas. iSentry’s advanced rules engine can handle complex situations and supports security control room operators in making immediate & correct operational decisions

Specific pain points

  • Lack of sufficient operational oversight
  • Real-time versus checking alarm footage
  • Keeping people away from moving cranes
  • Keeping restricted areas free from unauthorised persons
  • Access control
  • Ensuring that personnel wear correct personal protective equipment
  • No fences on water side of perimeter
  • Detecting smoke or fire
  • Detecting suspicious or offending behaviour
  • Insufficient lighting across whole site
  • Detection of “illegal” persons
  • Detection of drug trafficking activities

iSentry features

  • Real-time video analytics
  • Intrusion detection
  • Wide area moving object detection & extraction
  • Thermal image & PTZ cameras analytic
  • Effective filtering of environmental noise such as water reflections
  • Unusual behaviour detection
  • Object & people counting
  • PPE detection
  • Left behind or unattended object detection
  • Smoke detection
  • Detection & classification of small objects moving at high speed over small (fenced) area
  • Smart rules engine to execute complex evaluations