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Airports (Unusual Behaviour + TREX)

At airports, security follows all aspects of flight travel from take-off to touchdown from travellers entering, through to collecting bags, before continuing on to their final destination. Video surveillance technology is key for actively monitoring airports, including terminal floors, checkpoints, car parks and runways. 

High volumes of people and luggage, full public and employee access, the vast size of these facilities, the wide-open spaces around a perimeter and large passageways from terminal to terminal present significant challenges for security. Airport security is further challenged with improving and increasing operational efficiencies as budgets are always an issue.

iSentry can recognise unusual events even in complex environments and adverse conditions, while monitoring airport assets and flagging security breaches. Its advanced rules engine can handle complex situations and supports operators to help make immediate decisions.

Specific pain points

  • Lacking of sufficient operational oversight
  • Real-time versus checking alarm footage
  • Monitoring kilometres of physical perimeter fences
  • Outdoor critical areas identified by virtual lines
  • Surveillance of any sea front
  • Harsh weather conditions
  • Wildlife detection
  • Debris detection on runways
  • Keeping restricted area free from unauthorised persons
  • Detecting suspicious or offending behaviour
  • Managing Occupancy & Queuing
  • Detecting of unattended luggage
  • Detecting of smoke and fire 

iSentry features

  • Real-time Video analytics
  • Intrusion detection
  • Wide area moving object detection & extraction
  • Motion analysis on PTZ cameras
  • Detection of moving threats over long and short distances including thermal
  • Elimination of environmental noise
  • Unusual behaviour detection
  • Object & people counting
  • Left or remaining static object detection
  • Smoke detection
  • Unusual sound detection
  • A smart Rules engine  executes complex evaluations