Manufacturing & Warehousing

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Rail Transport (Unusual Behaviour + TREX)

The transportation sector is a critical part of any national infrastructure with passengers and installations becoming an increasingly likely target for attacks and violence. iSentry can analyse busy crowded scenes and monitor large distances and recognise unusual behaviours or intrusion attempts. This leads to improved security and passenger experience while reducing operational costs.

Specific Pain Points

  • Unauthorised access to rails & rail infrastructure

  • Crossing rails

  • Left objects on rails

  • Graffiti vandalism

  • Assault in stations

  • Potential terrorist threats

  • Passengers security

  • Infrastructure and utility security

  • Intelligent perimeter surveillance and border security

iSentry features

  • People & vehicle counting
  • Unusual Behaviour of objects/persons
  • Loitering detection
  • Trip & Fall
  • Abandoned Object detection
  • Smoke and Fire detection
  • Loud Sound detection
  • Perimeter intrusion
  • Restricted Area intrusion
  • Direction violation