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IntelexVision enables effective real-time monitoring of video at scale.

Introducing IntelexVision

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, with offices in Europe, Australia, Middle East, and South Africa, IntelexVision delivers a complete, end-to-end solution, enabling effective real-time monitoring of video at scale. Our analytics autonomously monitor and interpret massive amounts of video footage in an unbiased, unsupervised way, using AI to ‘understand’ and learn from any monitored scene, generating critical triggers that alert operators to real and ongoing potential risks. Security control centres are empowered to take meaningful action and respond to threats in real time.

Our team are highly skilled with deep knowledge and expertise in AI, video surveillance and software integration including many years experience in the CCTV industry.

Our vision

The world faces increasing and unpredictable security threats. As governments and the private sector respond the total number of CCTV cameras globally has grown to over 1 billion and that number is increasing exponentially.

More cameras, however, does not necessarily result in enhanced security.  As CCTV cameras proliferate, trillions of petabytes of information and images are generated. To be useful, these would require 24/7 attention, but no number of control centre operators can successfully watch and monitor this vast amount of live video. The key to improved safety and security is therefore managing risks and threats with technology that enables real-time video analysis.

Over the past decade, multiple video analytics providers have launched solutions that can address individual parts of the overall problem. The core challenge, however, remains unresolved. With the currently available solutions in the real-time video analysis market, control centres cannot respond adequately to most security threats as they happen.

The IntelexVision iSentry platform: From AI to action

iSentry is our full spectrum AI analysis platform for real-time monitoring of video surveillance imagery focused on dealing with a wide range of complex, live video environments.

Our unsupervised machine learning networks extract relevant data from imagery through behavioural anomaly detection (Unusual Behaviour) in fluid, busy dynamic environments, or advanced motion analysis (TREX) in more static surroundings where intrusion detection is required. These alerts are then classified for better contextualization and sent to a powerful rules engine which automates part of the decision-making process.

With thousands of hours of video distilled into clips lasting just a few seconds, security control centres can dramatically improve their efficiency, while at the same time significantly reducing the number of false-positive and false-negative alerts. It also results in much lower hardware investment costs and lower human resource requirements.

The industry needs a full-spectrum solution for effective real-time CCTV monitoring. That solution is IntelexVision’s iSentry

Company overview


hours of video

IntelexVision’s iSentry platform processes over 2 Billion hours of video every month


IntelexVision sells in 20+ countries worldwide


IntelexVision sells its products through a network of Value Add Distributors, System Integrators, Security service providers and integration partners


IntelexVision has deep experience in enhancing control room surveillance tasks in over 90 projects worldwide

Management Team

IntelexVision Highlights

Key milestone dates in our history that tell our story and give context to the organisation we are today
  • 2017-2018IntelexVision is Born

    Callum Wilson and Michael Vorstman establish Intelex Vision Ltd (UK)
    Unusual Behaviour (UB) module is incorporated as the core algorithm
  • 2018Further Product Enhancement

    Completed the puzzle by adding: Perimeter & Area Intrusion detection (TREX)
    Logic & Rules Engine for automated decision making
    Deep Learning for classification/ verification of objects and behaviours
  • 2019-2020Go to Market

    First sales in Spain
    Major contracts landed in Latin America and South Africa
    First sales in the Middle East
    Sales to other European countries
    Investment by top rated European Venture Capital Groups  Adara Ventures & Inveready
  • 2022Today

    First sales to APAC
    12,000 active licenses on 5 continents
    A presence team of 20+ people in Europe, Middle East, Australia, South Africa and the Americas