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Mining (Unusual Behaviour + TREX)

The mining industry presents unique safety and security challenges.

An overwhelming priority for mine operators is employee safety in the context of an industry that uses heavy and complex machinery that can cause serious injury or loss of life.

Mines are also vulnerable to theft of minerals and equipment. This vulnerability is typically increased by poor visibility due to lack of light and also the impact of dust generated from the excavation and processing of tonnes of minerals. Mines also often have connectivity issues due to their location in remote areas.

Mining is a connected operational process and any interruption will have costly knock-on effects. Monitoring the smooth running of those processes is vital. Take conveyor belts for example, critical in removing soil, rock and minerals from the mining face, any belt failure will immediately stop operations.

IntelexVision’s AI supported iSentry platform contributes to enhanced safety, security and operational process monitoring levels at mining sites. Its wide-area surveillance capability, combined with thermal image and PTZ analytics makes it ideal for a typical mining environment while learning and unusual behaviour detection capabilities can detect suspicious movement in busy areas or give a pro-active alert in case of operational interruptions.

iSentry’s advanced rules engine handles complex situations and supports security control room operators in making the immediate & right decisions


Specific pain points

  • Wide area perimeters impossible to monitor physically
  • Employee safety is key. Personal protective equipment is essential
  • Detection of intruder and mineral theft
  • Detection of illegal mining
  • Poor visibility due to dust and insufficient lighting
  • Keeping people away from operating mining shovels
  • Keeping restricted areas free from unauthorised persons
  • Restricting numbers of people in key areas
  • Vibrations of installations can influence CCTV camera footage
  • Minimising operational interruptions such as overloaded conveyor belts or ‘drops’ from belts

iSentry features

  • Real-time video analytics
  • Thermal image & PTZ cameras analytics
  • Wide area moving object detection & extraction
  • Effective filtering out of environmental noise such as wildlife
  • Object & people counting
  • PPE detection
  • Left behind or unattended static object detection
  • Unusual behaviour detection
  • Smart rules engine to execute complex evaluations