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Telecommunication Infrastructure

Telecommunication infrastructure is critical for both society and economies, delivering essential services of voice, video, data, and internet connectivity.  This infrastructure is vulnerable to deliberate sabotage, attack or acts of vandalism.

Installations such as mobile relay towers or network transmission centres are often in remote locations, without regular human supervision and often poorly lit.

IntelexVision’s AI supported iSentry platform enables the enhanced security & safety of telecom assets. Its wide-area surveillance capability, combined with thermal image and PTZ analytics makes it ideal for a wide area environment while its learning and unusual behaviour detection capabilities can detect any suspicious movement or intrusion.

iSentry’s advanced rules engine handles complex situations and empowers security control room operators to make effective decisions in real time.


Specific Pain Points

  • Remotely located equipment is unattended
  • Sending inspection teams is expensive
  • Specific threats of sabotage or terrorism
  • Separating true alerts from false positives caused by environmental noise
  • Splicing into telecommunications cabling
  • Little or no lighting at night

iSentry’s capabilities

  • Real-time video analytics
  • Intrusion detection in even very harsh environmental conditions.
  • Thermal image & PTZ cameras analytics
  • Unusual behaviour detection
  • Smart Rules engine can execute complex evaluations