Full-spectrum solution for effective real-time CCTV monitoring

Societies across the world face increasing and unpredictable security threats. As governments and the private sector respond, the total number of CCTV cameras globally has grown to over 1 billion. That number is increasing exponentially.

More cameras, however, do not necessarily result in enhanced security.

As CCTV cameras proliferate, petabytes of information and images are generated. To be useful, these would require 24/7 attention, but no number of control room operators can successfully watch and monitor this huge amount of live video.

The key to improved safety and security is therefore managing risks and threats through technology that enables real time video analysis.

See how iSentry is helping a multitude of industry sectors across the globe.

From AI to Action

iSentry is our full spectrum AI Analysis platform for real-time monitoring of video surveillance imagery focused on dealing with a wide range of complex, live video environments.

Our unsupervised networks extract relevant data from imagery through behavioural anomaly detection (Unusual Behaviour) in fluid, busy environments, or advanced motion analysis (TREX) in more static surroundings where intrusion detection is required. These alerts are then classified for better contextualization and sent to a powerful rules engine which automates part of the decision-making process.

With thousands of hours of video distilled into ‘Unusual Behaviour’ clips lasting just a few seconds, control rooms can dramatically improve their efficiency, while at the same time significantly reduce the number of false-positive and false-negative alerts. It also results in much lower hardware investment costs and lower human resource requirements.

Our automating technology performs the constant monitoring that human operators simply cannot accomplish, allowing them to focus on what humans do best: using their intuition and experience in control room decision making.