Licence Policy

Effective as of September 2023

General Principles


This Policy document is an integral part of IntelexVision’s general Terms and conditions, of which the latest version may be found at :

This document  describes IntelexVision’s policy regarding the issue & activating of licences and the  Software Upgrade Plan principles. It’s latest version may be found at :

Product Licence

Subject to the Usage Limitations, the Customer’s payment of the Licence Fees and compliance with the other terms and conditions of the Purchase Order and General Terms and Conditions Agreement, and to the relevant End Customer at all times during the Licence Term having in place and complying with an EULA, IntelexVision will grant to the Customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub licensable right to use and access the Product during the Licence Term or to integrate the Product with End Customer Systems and to permit End Customers to use and access the Product (as integrated with the End Customer Systems), in all cases during the Licence Term.

For full details on the product Licence, please refer to the General Terms and Conditions on IntelexVision’s website

Licence Variants

IntelexVision has different variants of licences, depending on the platform the software is running on. There are currently 2 major variants: a) a Native Milestone integration and b) a Stand-Alone version.

API’s and gateways for other platforms do exist and are subject to special pricing.


On receipt of the Licence purchase order, IntelexVision shall make the Product and the Documentation available to the Channel Partner to download. Licensing is managed through IntelexVision´s Licence Portal, to which the Channel Partner has access using a unique username and password. This Portal is used to manage, assign and activate licences, providing full control to the Channel Partner.

Licence Pool

Each issued licence will be allocated to a licence Pool. A licence Pool is a collection of iSentry licences that are all related to one well specified project.

Upon Ordering licences, Customer may indicate to which existing pool the licences should be assigned to in case additional licences are purchased. In case of new projects, a new licence Pool will be created by IntelexVision. The channel partner will be notified about the corresponding Pool ID.

The licences relative to a given PO will be assigned to a new or to an existing Licence Pool.

All licences in a Pool might benefit of a Software Upgrade Program of which its conditions are described further down in this document.

End User License Agreement

The deployment and use of any IntelexVision software analytics or third party software products included in the IntelexVision Platform, is subject to the terms and conditions defined in IntelexVision’s End User Licence Agreement (EULA). The Customer shall ensure that each End Customer signs an EULA in relation to its use of the Product and complies with the terms of such EULA. The Customer shall be responsible for any acts or omissions of any End Customer (including breach of the EULA and/or acts or omissions causing breach of this Agreement) as if committed by the Customer itself. Please refer to the EULA for full details on the terms and conditions on IntelexVision’s website at

Licence Requirements

IntelexVision iSentry platform requires one licence per video channel being analysed. 

  • iSentry licences can either be purchased as Perpetual Licences or can be supplied in a monthly subscription based
  • Perpetual Licences come with a one year warranty counted from the date of the licence issuance.
  • A first year Support and Upgrade Programme (SUP) is mandatory for all Perpetual Licences.
  • Once a Purchase Order (PO) for licences is received, InteleXVision will issue the corresponding licences within 30 days to the channel partner by means of an Initial Licence File “ILF”. These licences, although issued, do not necessarily need to be activated
  • The licences relative to a given PO will be assigned to a new or to an existing Licence Pool within the iSentry Licence Generator.
  • Licences within a Pool can be applied to one or more sites, to single or multiple customers. Normally a Pool will apply to a specific end-user and a specific project.
  • iSentry licences will have 4 different stages for the Licence´s Life Cycle, as per the table below:

Licence Life Cycle



  • General Availability

It is the status after a new release or substituting product has been launched. It is valid until a new release is made available.

  • Limited Availability

During 3 years starting from the release product launch.

  • Discontinued

From 3rd year up to 4th year from the product launch.

  • Terminated

After 5th year of launch.

Support and Upgrade Programme (SUP)

IntelexVision SUP is a software support, upgrade and technical support programme that enhances the use of the iSentry analytics platform throughout its lifetime. Typically, once or twice as year, the platform is updated for improved performance, security updates or new features. Designed as a software support service, IntelexVision SUP intends its Customers to always be running on the latest updates to ensure optimal performance and security.

  1. All new perpetual licence purchases require a one year SUP. Additional one year SUP´s may be purchased together with the Perpetual Licence at a discounted price. Please see the price list below for more information.
  2. The SUP Programme allows Customers to have access to different levels of support as follows: 
    • Level 1 and 2 Support Functions

    Level 1 and 2 support functions are primarily entrusted to our Commercial Partner (Distributor and/or Integrator). These roles encompass essential activities aimed at ensuring the seamless operation of our software system. These responsibilities include system maintenance, ongoing monitoring, and configuration management, as well as fundamental troubleshooting to address issues that may disrupt system functionality.

    Maintenance, Monitoring, and Configuration

    Maintenance and continuous system monitoring are integral components of Level 1 support. This facet of support involves the routine review of system performance using tools like our BI (Business Intelligence) tools to gauge system health. Proficiency in comprehending system architecture and its interaction with the operating environment is crucial. As the number of cameras in use increases, diligent monitoring becomes increasingly vital.

    System configuration responsibilities, such as onboarding new cameras and fine-tuning configuration settings ranging from basic to advanced, are also within the purview of Level 1 and 2 support activities.

    Basic Troubleshooting

    Basic troubleshooting necessitates a deep understanding of the underlying system functionalities, including how they interconnect with hardware and network components across different parts of the system. Proficiency in analysing and interpreting log files is a critical skill in this context. Level 1 and 2 support personnel are expected to possess this skillset to effectively resolve system issues.

    • Level 3 Support Function

    Level 3 support is the exclusive responsibility of the Intelex technical team and is included as part of the SUP package. This level of support extends beyond the scope of Level 1 and Level 2 functions outlined above. Level 3 support primarily involves addressing system bugs, faults, and technical issues related specifically to the iSentry Software system.

    Support for non-Intelex software and hardware dependencies are specifically excluded, for example support for firewalls, networking, or operating systems related issues. Support for these dependencies will generally be provided on a best effort basis unless governed by a specific partner agreement. To ensure optimal support, the commercial partner must maintain the Intelex software by keeping it up to date with the latest releases, and may require, from time to time, that supporting software and hardware be updated to a newer version to support new system features and updates.

    Level 3 support includes a commitment from the Intelex technical team to provide high availability for fault identification and resolution. This level of support is focused on ensuring the reliability and optimal performance of the iSentry Software system.

    Service level commitments are generally governed by Service Level Agreements (SLA) for individual customers.

  3. Should a Customer without a valid SUP require Tier-3 technical support, this can still be made available at the current Professional Services applicable rates.
  4. Should a Customer request to renew a SUP Programme after it has been suspended for more than a year, this will be possible as long as the corresponding licence life cycle is not “discontinued” (see table 1.6.7 above). The Customer will, however, need to contract IntelexVision Professional Services for an evaluation of their Hardware and Software infrastructure, to ensure adequate compatibility with the latest release.
  5. For customers without a valid SUP programme and whose product lifecycle licences are considered “terminated”, IntelexVision offers a trade in programme on existing licences, to make the transition more cost effective than buying new licences. The trade in programme must be consulted with the integrator of choice in the Customer´s region.
  6. Once a Licence Pool is created as a result of a Purchase Order, IntelexVision grants a 6 month period to activate any one of the licences in that pool. Once the first licence in that pool is activated, the 12 month SUP programme commences and a “Single SUP Expiry Date – SSED” is defined for that Pool.
  7. The expiry date for SUP validity of any licence pool will be a maximum of 18 months after its creation, regardless of activation of any licence in the pool. This maximum period is regarded as the Backstop Date after Pool Creation.
  8. Should additional licences be added or removed from an existing Pool, an automated weighting mechanism will recalculate a new SSED for that Pool, as can be seen in the following examples:


9. If additional licences are issued to an existing pool, the SUP expiry date for the resulting pool will be recalculated to account for the weighted average of the existing licences and their original SUP validity vs. the new licences and their associated SUP validity. This will enable a given site to again always operate with a SSED.

10. If a number of licences for any reason needs to be moved to another pool (for example to transfer them to a new Channel Partner or temporarily to another server for maintenance reasons) the SUP expiry date will initially be reduced by the weighted average of the removed licences and later the destination pool will be awarded a corresponding extension period once these licences are added.

IntelexVision Professional Services

IntelexVision Professional Services are offered when required to end-users, through the channel partners, or to the channel partners themselves, to help with the deployment and commissioning of the iSentry software platform and to ensure optimal performance. This also serves as a hands-on training opportunity for resellers and systems integrators. Professional Services will be quoted on a per day basis.

Special Commercialisation Restrictions Related to the iSentry Video Analytics Software Platform

Commercialisation of the IntelexVision Software Analytics Platform requires acceptance and signing of an IntelexVision Channel Partner Agreement. The IntelexVision software platform may be sold by channel partners that meet the above condition as well as the geographical restrictions agreed in the Agreement.

Product Warranty and Exclusions

IntelexVision warrants for a period of one year (or another period when previously negotiated and specified in the Purchase Order) following the issuance of the Initial Licence File “ILF” after receipt of the Purchase Order (the “Product Warranty Period”). IntelexVision ensures that during this Period the Product shall perform in accordance with the Documentation, when operated in accordance with the same Documentation. The Customer shall report any alleged non-conformance of the Product to IntelexVision in writing during the Product Warranty Period. The Customer’s exclusive remedy and IntelexVision’s sole liability with regard to a breach of the warranty shall be, at IntelexVision’s option and expense, to either: (a) repair or replace the non-conforming Product; or (b) refund the Customer the Fees paid by the Customer for the non-conforming Product. Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions on IntelexVision’s website at for full details on the product warranty and exclusions.

Intellectual Property Rights

InteleXVision and/or its licensors shall retain ownership of all rights, title and interest, including Intellectual Property Rights, in and to the Product, the Documentation and any Work Product. The Customer acknowledges that, except as expressly stated in the Agreement, the Agreement does not grant the Customer any rights to, or in, the Product, the Documentation and/or any Work Product.

Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions on IntelexVision’s website for full details on the Intellectual Property Rights.


iSentry® is a registered trademark of IntelexVision

iSentry Software License Products

iSentry Core

iSentry Core is the basic iSentry licence. First and foremost it includes iSentry´s target ranking and motion detection analytics for distances up to 50 metres. This allows to identify moving targets and follow them as they move within a scene. Core also includes most of the platform’s Deep Learning capabilities including all the classification of objects detected by the two trigger mechanisms (see below). This module also allows for other deep learning associated capabilities such as people counting, PPE compliance detection, mask detection, gender estimation, face blurring, etc. Using 14 high performing neural networks, it makes use of hardware acceleration using GPUs or alternatively Open Vino to speed up the classification process. iSentry Core also incorporates the platform’s powerful logic engine.

iSentry Unsupervised Self Learning Unusual Behaviour (UB)

This is a very important algorithm of iSentry. Detection of Unusual Behaviour is driven by an unsupervised artificial intelligence platform. Learning is based on pixel analysis and allows the system to learn how objects normally move in a scene; after establishing a norm, the system will create an alert on any deviations. This allows the system to reduce by 95% - 98% the amount of video to be analysed by a CCTV operator. A single Unusual Behaviour licence often replaces 5-10 Rules Based licences.

iSentry Target Ranking & Extraction (TREX) Suite

TREX is supported by a dynamic learning process based on artificial intelligence, which creates the ability to acquire and track elements of interest within a scene, ignoring environmental factors inherent to CCTV analytics, such as varying conditions of light, rain, snow, wind and even the intrinsic noise of the camera sensor. TREX is used to detect moving objects or people at distances from tens of meters to kilometres, for example in the case of border control. A version of TREX is incorporated in the Core licence and can detect intrusions or movement in general with visible or thermal cameras up to 50 metres; TREX Standard typically can detect up to 250 metres, also with both visible or thermal cameras, TREX Premium and Elite detect intrusions up to 800 metres – 1 km with visible cameras and 2.5 km with thermal cameras.

This policy was updated as of September 2023