Shopping Malls

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Hospitals & Healthcare

Healthcare personnel work every day to make sure their patients receive individual quality care while operating in a non-stop and unpredictable environment. But providing the highest level of care is only achievable with a sound foundation of security monitoring.

Our background and experience in analysing busy crowded spaces ensures that iSentry can recognise events of interest such as unusual behaviours, detecting falling persons or any security breach even in complex busy environments and adverse conditions.

Specific pain points

  • Fall detection
  • Occupancy/ Crowd density
  • Asset protection
  • Restricted Area access
  • Social Distancing

iSentry features

  • People counting
  • Unusual Behaviour of objects/persons
  • Loitering detection
  • Trip & Fall
  • Posture analysis: detection of people falling, standing, walking, lying
  • Abandoned Object detection
  • Smoke and Fire detection
  • Loud Sound detection
  • Restricted Area intrusion
  • Direction violation
  • Intrusion attempts
  • Face Mask compliance