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School & University (Unusual Behaviour + TREX)

Security and safety are paramount for schools and campus environments both for the physical installations and of course the safety of students, teachers and other staff and visitors. Video surveillance plays an important role.

Continuous monitoring is necessary of multiple and heavily transited locations; students, staff, visitors, principal and remote buildings, multiple access routes, entrances, classrooms, equipment and offices. This monitoring often has to take place in the context of large spaces crowded with people.

IntelexVision’s AI supported iSentry platform contributes to enhanced security and safety on school and campus environments.  Its learning and unusual behaviour detection capability is especially important in detecting potential security threats. This is combined with advanced motion, threat and intrusion detection, essential for the safety of users.

iSentry’s advanced rules engine handles complex situations and supports security control centre operators in making immediate and correct decisions in real time.

Specific Pain Points in this Vertical

  • Wide area perimeters are impossible to monitor physically
  • Frequent theft of assets and personal belongings
  • Sexual harassment
  • Drug sale and use
  • Privacy concerns
  • Terrorism & shootings
  • Busy spaces crowded with people

iSentry’s capabilities

  • Real-time video analytics
  • Unusual behaviour detection
  • Thermal image & PTZ cameras analytics
  • Wide area moving object detection & extraction
  • Effective filtering out of environmental noise such as wildlife
  • Object & people counting
  • ‘Left behind’ or unattended static object detection
  • Smart rules engine to execute complex evaluations