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Energy (Unusual Behaviour + TREX)

Critical energy infrastructure such as nuclear and conventional power plants and wind and solar farms share a common operational demand. They are obliged to function in the most adverse conditions and in the context of significant security and safety challenges.

Threats from deliberate attack, sabotage, vandalism or terrorism must be flagged in real time to ensure smooth operation. Energy infrastructures are complex and typically occupy large geographical areas. Effective real-time CCTV monitoring is a challenge particularly differentiating between normal movement, human activity and environmental noise and genuine threats of intrusion or attack. CCTV also has a role to play in monitoring employee safety in the context of industries that use complex and sophisticated technology as well as exposing employees to dangers such as radiation, high voltage etc.

IntelexVision’s AI supported iSentry platform enables enhanced security & safety level at energy plants. Its wide-area surveillance capability, combined with thermal image and PTZ analytics makes it ideal for large geographical areas.  Learning and unusual behaviour detection capabilities can detect any suspicious movement in more heavily transited areas.

iSentry’s advanced rules engine handles complex situations and empowers security control room operators to make effective decisions in real time.

Specific Pain Points

  • Remote equipment is unattended
  • Specific threat of sabotage and terrorism
  • Sending physical inspection teams is expensive inefficient
  • Detection of unauthorised persons
  • Separating true alerts from false positives, e.g. birds and wildlife caused by environmental noise Little or no lighting at night
  • Complex infrastructure that can obstruct line of sight
  • Employees exposed to high voltages, radiation etc. Monitoring of movement essential.
  • Monitoring of correct PPE for employees

iSentry’s capabilities

  • Real-time video analytics
  • Intrusion detection in very harsh environmental conditions.
  • Thermal image & PTZ cameras analytics
  • Unusual behaviour detection
  • Rules engine capable of interpreting several classifications
  • Posture analysis, e.g. detection of people falling over
  • PPE detection
  • High-visibility jacket detection
  • People counting
  • Smart Rules engine can execute complex evaluations