Addressing the Four-W Problem in Physical Security with iSentry

In the field of physical security, effectively tackling the “Four-W” problem—Who, What, Where, and When—is essential for robust asset protection and safety. This framework prompts security […]

Artificial Hallucination

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Striking a Balance: The Case for a Hybrid Approach in AI-Based Video Analytics

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Rethinking the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Security: A Call to De-emphasize

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IntelexVision joins NVIDIA Metropolis to Build Smarter Spaces

IntelexVision to spearhead the performance of its iSentry solution via the Metropolis platform

IntelexVision becomes Agility Grid value added partner to enhance CCTV camera monitoring and control room decision making

Agility Grid selects IntelexVision as partner to deliver iSentry solution to system integrators