iSentry AXIS

iSentry Axis transforms Axis cameras into even more advanced security devices by incorporating New Generation Video Analytics directly onto the device. This integration provides end-users with a top-tier video security system that combines high-quality surveillance with cutting-edge AI-driven video analytics for enhanced security. By embedding iSentry's leading AI algorithms directly into the camera, the system ensures real-time, reliable monitoring with reduced system complexity and cost.

Axis integration

For system integrators, iSentry Axis offers a seamless and efficient solution that merges iSentry’s deep learning AI models and machine learning capabilities with the robust Axis Camera Applications Platform (ACAP). This integration not only simplifies the deployment process by eliminating external dependencies but also enhances the performance of the surveillance system. Integrators can deliver a smarter, scalable security solution, ensuring clients receive a highly effective, integrated video analytics system that is easier to install and maintain.

Benefits of the iSentry Axis

  • Processing on The Edge
  • Reduced bandwidth needs
  • Compatible with whole iSentry portfolio
  • Designed for both small and large projects
  • Supports Axis ecosystem

Explore the Full Potential of Your Security System

Delve into the details of maximising your security with iSentry Axis by exploring our comprehensive user manual. Discover how to harness the full capabilities of your integrated system, ensuring you make the most of our advanced video analytics technology. Whether you're setting up for the first time or looking to fine-tune your security measures, our user manual is your go-to resource for all your needs.


Peremiter protection

Peremiter Protection


Object Attributes

Unusual behavior

Unusual Behavior

Smoke and fire detection

Smoke and Fire Detection

Object Counting

Object Counting

Popular Use Cases

Solar Farm

Solar Farms

iSentry Axis maximises efficiency in solar farm monitoring by processing video analytics at the edge, significantly reducing bandwidth usage, and utilising advanced AI for long-range detection to ensure comprehensive coverage and security.
Casino application


iSentry Axis enhances casino security by integrating advanced AI that excels in detecting unusual behaviour, identifying vandalism, and recognising specific threats like unauthorised helmet or gun presence, ensuring a safer gaming environment.


iSentry Axis streamlines surveillance of telecommunication towers by extending detection range and limiting hardware requirements, efficiently managing bandwidth and reducing false alarms through precise AI analytics.

Construction Site

iSentry Axis boosts construction site security with robust perimeter protection, reduces false alarms with accurate AI monitoring, and ensures PPE compliance, enhancing safety and operational efficiency.